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Universes da6aa21bd2516fa2c223f7d6ce1306510f75bf057c1deeb0e27171a989bfa285 Build universes

You know you've always wanted to create an entire universe. Now's your chance!

Characters 8f9b1b5026bf3bcd6f7c95b5a28dd4fc719243096a1663619edf37af504ad322 Create characters

Plan physical appearance, behaviorisms, social roles, family – even a favorite color!

Locations 86e4fc2ab1351e61fbc89c3d14cd6fcc6dadeabbdd58610f6c17518d937ef64f Construct locations

Upload maps, link areas, track demographics, and keep track of your world's history.

Items 0f849bac8159e989d657cc2868b4c20ec55095edbce217abc03161d5fd311bd1 Track items

Every weapon was made by someone; every book has a story. Track of every aspect of your items.


Promotes creativity

Your Notebook now asks you questions about your characters and ideas, and your answers are saved too.


Speeds up writing

With a universe of information at your fingertips, you can look up anything quickly and keep writing.


Continuity checks

When every little fact is stored in one place, you can rest easy knowing you won't accidentally contradict yourself.


Deeper characters

Get to know your characters. Track every detail of their thoughts, appearance, and personality.


Richer worlds

Immerse yourself in vibrant worlds with tracking available for any kind of locations.


Legendary items

Every object has a backstory that can shine as bright as any character — if you let it.



Quickly find anything, anywhere. Even that random thought you jotted down at 3am two years ago.



Focus on one universe at a time and filter everything else out. Reorganize, sort, and write freely.


Backed up forever

Never lose a notebook full of priceless ideas again. is backed up and always available.


Grows with you

Plan as much as you want in your Notebook, for life. The only limits here are your imagination.


Brainstorm together

Invite anyone to review any content you decide to share. Sometimes a second set of eyes makes all the difference.


Access for life

Signing up for Notebook is just like buying a notebook: one payment and it's yours for life.

"Imagine sliced bread as a notebook. This is even better."

— Andrew Brown, Author & CEO
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Notebook Pricing

Free trial
  • Plan up to 2 universes
  • Plan up to 10 characters
  • Plan up to 5 locations
  • Plan up to 5 items

$19.99 Free for life!
  • Plan unlimited universes
  • Plan unlimited characters
  • Plan unlimited locations
  • Plan unlimited items
Earn a free lifetime membership when you sign up during October
with promotion code NANOPREP!